Winter 2012— A third album is much delayed. Though it's still early to say, it will probably be recorded in the summer of 2012. Many songs will most likely feature Amy Cavanaugh on cello. Some songs that have been performed live over the last few year like The Leviathan of Parsonstown, Miss Mitchell's Comet, and Last of the New Jersey Buffalo will all be on the album.

In keeping with tradition, nary a voice will be heard.

Sophie Blanchard Falls to Her Death is still available digitally on iTunes, albeit hilariously classified in the genre "singer/songwriter." A scant few physical copies on cd are still available directly from the guitarist.


The Baltimore City Paper ran a kind review of Sophie Blanchard. You can read it here...


Summer 2010
No shows currently scheduled. Though Yeveto is busy. Check out their schedule in 2012.